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Hi Shaktilites I have been so busy with The Shakti Boutique I had to take a little time off from my updates follow me on to keep up and I will be updating very soon!

Namaste from you girl Shakti Thara ;)

Dec 2012

Shakti Thara has spent the entire year working on multiple businesses and projects. The Official Shakti Boutique A fashion Market Place relaunched this year selling out of all merchandise hand selected and personally designed by Shakti Thara herself. More items are coming to the Shakti Boutique and it will reopen in the very near future January 16th 2012. 

Shakti spent some time working with Amazon equipping herself with an online strategy and giving her an online retail background crash course with a major successful corporation. All a while Shakti maintained her studio and recording time working with Producers from Italy to Los Angeles. Shakti has also taken some time to re-direct her sound into something that has evolved with much trial and error into something truly unique. This year Shakti Thara heads to Bollywood for some major opportunities. She also will make appearances at the start of the New Year in Dubai, Thailand, Singapore and India. A new single and music video is due out July 2013 followed with a September Album release. This year Shakti released "Meant To Be" on the Global Soul Record Label. To top that off her own artist Pnutty  is collaborating with Wutang and a new project from Pnutty will also release from her own Label GSE as well! Shakti's New Sound departs from  the "Indian/Eastern sound" and she embarks on a new Global style that is much more commercial Pop then anything she has done before. Shakti Thara has also agreed to star in her first off Broadway Production in NYC this November 2013. 

march 2013

Shakti is back in the studio with an International span of A List Producers

from Russia, Croatia, Dubai and Europe. She just negotiated her first record deal

with a great company in Europe and is very excited to be the newest signed act. 

Shakti has been working with her own new team of writers and in house producers part of her own label Innertemple Records. Her US label partner Global Soul Records will be releasing the single "Spirit of Love" this Spring which crosses over in the world genre. You will be hearing Shakti Thara music on several television shows this spring/summer future and some pretty big Summer film soundtracks. 

jan 2013 

Happy New Year!  Shakti Kicks off the New Year in Miami, Florida with live music performances on 11 different Islands. This is her first time in the Caribbean performing material from 3 of her currently available albums. Shakti appeared on  Fox Television in Miami and was shown Singing live at Adventura Mall Health Fair. Be sure to visit the blog for the Fox Footage. 

feb 2013

Love is in the air. Happy V-day Shakti-lites! Shakti Performed at Love Fest in Manhattan with a pretty heavy Celebrity Line Up. She also made a Private musical appearance in Russia for a United Nations event! Shakti Thara is back in the studio working on a multitude of film & TV projects her music is on several american network shows. Shakti's voice was heard on a Jaguar commercial that aired during Super Bowl. 

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